Happy New Year Book Lovers!

Hi everyone

I know it is a bit late into January to wish you all a happy new year but it has just dawned on me that as it is a new year, there’s nothing stopping me from starting a fresh with my book challenge. Well I say nothing stopping me, obviously my inability to actually commit to this blog will probably hold me back. At the moment though I’m feeling a bit more enthusiastic so you never know, maybe 2015 will go well for me blog wise.

Last year I started this blog off with a 30 day book challenge but loss of internet (twice) and a trip to Asia led to me giving up on that, so I will try to finish off the questions that I had remaining in the next month or so. The answers probably won’t be any different to a year ago as I think I may have only read one book in the last year. I know, its shocking! I partly blame Netflix for providing too much on-hand entertainment making it unnecessary to occupy my mind with a book. But as I’m now a student working towards my BA (Hons) in English Literature and Creative Writing I have to start reading books again soon whether I want to or not, so I thought rekindling my book challenge would be a good idea.

So first up on the list is Bleak House by Charles Dickens. I’ve previously seen a tv adaptation so I don’t know what I’ll make of the 945 page book already having a vague idea of the storyline. I did consider easing myself into this challenge with a nice short book but they’re all pretty long in the section of the list I’ve reached so I didn’t have a choice. At some point I need to go back and finish Anna Karenina and Gormenghast, hopefully without having to start from the beginning again with both of them, but for now I think I’ll work my way through some new stories and see where I get to. If I can get through Bleak House, Ulysses and The Woman in White, I’ll treat myself with Bridget Jones’s Diary. Maybe that is the key to success, a reward system?

Hopefully you will hear from me soon!



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