Challenge 13 – Your Favourite Writer

Hi everyone

I have a confession to make: I have NO IDEA who my favourite writer is.  I think the problem is that I haven’t read enough books to be able to single out one author.  I think if you look at my book collection and how many times I’ve read some of the books you might assume that my favourite writer is Stephenie Meyer or J K Rowling, but I have, or will be covering, both of these authors already in this challenge and neither have really written enough books for me to give them this accolade in my opinion.  So instead I’ve thought about the authors who I read, without fail, their new offerings no matter what the reviews say.  I would never call them my favourite writer but then I’m always happy to sit down with a fresh copy of their latest book.  This narrowed it down to two authors for me and I went with this one because even though her work is a little more frivolous than the other her books are still a treat to read. So for the next few posts I will be following a theme based on this author, hope you enjoy it…

Sophie KinsellaSophie Kinsella

I first read Sophie Kinsella when my mum gave me the fourth book in the shopaholic series, Shopaholic and Sister, as a present.  Needless to say I was a tad confused as I had no idea what had come before this book and some of it didn’t make sense but I enjoyed the book enough to go back and start from the beginning.  I loved the antics of Becky Bloomwood, shopaholic, and her quirky but kind friend Suze and her slightly dippy but caring parents.  The humour Sophie Kinsella injects into all her books is just right; I’m not one for cringey humour usually but the balance between satire and almost slapstick is just perfect enough to keep you giggling.  There have been times when tears of laughter have been brought to my eyes or I’ve had to look away from the page in horror at what is unfolding before me.  The protagonist in her books is always a strong female character who somehow gets herself into a few scrapes, things might take a turn for the worse but then she stops feeling sorry for herself and fixes her own problems with as much class and decorum she can muster.  After reading the Shopaholic series I then went on to read Sophie Kinsella’s other work which I believe I enjoyed even more, however I wasn’t as keen on her work published under her real name, Madeleine Wickham.  It isn’t particularly humorous like her more recent work under her alias and I found the characters weren’t as bold or likeable.

I do have to say that her last two books that I have read, Mini Shopaholic and Wedding Night felt a bit rushed and seem to be missing some of the spark that comes in abundance in her other books, they were still enjoyable but not fantastic.  I am still an avid fan though and I would recommend any of her books if you want something girly, fun, light-hearted and I would say distinctly British.  You can’t go wrong with that combination!



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