Challenge 11 – A Book You Hated

Hi everyone

As everyone says, hate is such a strong word, and such a strong emotion to apply to a book that you have read.  Unfortunately I have experienced a surge of loathing when reading a book so I have an answer for today.  I have read a few books now for my top 100 books challenge that I found a bit boring, or a bit confusing or a bit slow, but there was one book that I truly hated.  In any other circumstances I would have stopped reading it and sent it straight back to the library but I had to finish it to review it for my challenge so for 3 months I tortured myself by reading a little bit of this book at a time.  I kept hoping it would get a bit better, or that the ending would make sense of the rest of the book so that when I looked back on the story I would feel enlightened.  After all it couldn’t have been voted by the public to number 90 on the list for nothing.  Oh how wrong I was.

On The RoadOn the Road – Jack Kerouac

My feelings towards this book are so strong that I actually feel the need to physically destroy something just looking at the cover.  If I was to give you the full synopsis for this book I’m sure you would think it sounds like a really interesting and insightful story line.  And I would agree it is, but the writing is so bad that anything exciting in this book is completely lost.  In anyone else’s hands this would be a good story but the book is too autobiographical for Jack Kerouac so he just rambles on about the insignificant things and glosses over anything remotely interesting.  It’s like he’s forgotten he was supposed to be writing a story for others to enjoy and therefore has taken all of the enjoyment out of it.  With every chapter all I could think was that I could write this story better than him; I could describe what it was like to live in these places at that time better than him, even though he actually lived in those places at that time and I, obviously, didn’t.  This book is just that bad.

Please don’t read it, unless you are a masochist.  If this is ever put on your set reading list at school or university I seriously you suggest you plan a coup and overthrow the person responsible.  Trust me, it would be worth the repercussions.



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