Challenge 10 – Favourite Classic Book

Hi everyone

Second post today!  I’m trying to catch up so I’m just going to keep posting until I run out of things to say.  I’ve not read a lot of classic books, not because they don’t appeal to me but just because I feel they need a certain amount of concentration and so I’m always “I’ll read that book someday” but I never quite get around to it.  This was one a the things that appealed to me with the top 100 books list as all of the classic books I wanted to read were there so I thought I would finally get around to reading them.  I am trying to avoid talking about books from that list for this 30 day challenge but the book I have chosen for this post is one of my all time favourite books so to not mention it here would be criminal.

Pride & PrejudicePride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

It probably isn’t a very original choice but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a worthy winner.  I first fell in love with this story when I watched the BBC adaptation 18 years ago and I watched that series so many times in my teenage years that I could quote most of it.  I was pleasantly surprised when I finally read the book about a decade later at how faithful the tv series is to the book.  However there was something magical reading the words I knew so well on paper; it allowed my imagination to go further than what I remembered from the tv adaptation and become absorbed in Austen’s world.  I won’t prattle on about how Elizabeth Bennet is such a strong, feminist role model or how forward thinking Jane Austen was as it’s all been said before and also when I finally reach number 2 on my book list I will be rereading this and reviewing it properly so I don’t want go on too much here.

This story though is one of the best stories I have ever read and I think that is why classic books in general have spanned the centuries to still be some of the greatest books anyone could read in their life time.  They are original stories that so many books, plays and films have been based on ever since, all borrowing something from the classics or just re-imagining them in a new adaptation.  There are plenty of original stories that have been published in more modern times, but these are just books that will join the list of classic books in the future.  I have read a few Austen’s and a couple of Dickens’ but there are so many more classic books that I want to read and even more I’m sure that I’ve not yet discovered so I look forward to enriching my mind with these books for many years to come.



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