Challenge 8 – Most Overrated Book

Hi everyone

For today’s challenge there was only ever one book I could write about.  I tried to think of an alternative as I didn’t want to bore you all by ranting about how bad this book is but I felt it was unfair to give this accolade to any other book when I would do anything to remove the memory of this one from my brain.  As I’ve said before, I’m not usually one to jump on the bandwagon with things and I thorough;y wished I hadn’t with this book.  In my defence when I read it I hadn’t heard much about it, only that it had shocked one of my colleagues at work, but as she was easily shocked by anything risqué I didn’t realise how absurd the story line for this book could be.  I think I must have been one of the few people who read this book not knowing what it was about, I don’t know what that says about the British public that most of them were eager to read a book that they had been pre-warned about but it was a top seller none the less.  Friends of mine who have asked to borrow the book from me since did not head my warnings about how bad it is, I think they thought I was exaggerating but they soon realised that I wasn’t and proceeded to hand the book back, sometimes without finishing it.  So, again I apologise for repeating what so many others before me have said, I promise to keep it brief.

FiftyFifty Shades of Grey – E L James

Yes, you guessed correctly, probably the worst book written this century and definitely the worst to top every book chart known to man.  Apparently the series has sold over 90 million copies worldwide (Wikipedia) and the speculation surrounding the film dominated social media and entertainment websites over the last year.  I don’t think another book could be as overrated as this one: the writing is poor at best, the author needs to learn some new adjectives and she’s not breaking any new ground here, there are plenty of fiction books already published about this subject.  If she had written it from the angle of the relationship being abusive then it would have been a more illuminating story but after ending this book in a weird way, the series carries on as a severely warped love story.  I am not the first to say that I quickly became bored by the sex scenes, and the characters and the story line as a whole were so unrealistic that it soon all became a farce.  Please, if you have never read this book, don’t read it.  Read anything else in the world, even if you love a trashy read you will not enjoy this book and there are plenty of decent yet suitably trashy book series out there for you to curl up with, please don’t waste your time and your brain cells on this one.

I’m sure I will become a complete hypocrite in 2015 and watch the film, but it will be because I have already been burned once and I’ll want to know if the film will be as bad as the book, I can’t see how it could be but you never know.



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