Procrastination strikes again

Hi everyone

So I finally went to the library yesterday and collected Anna Karenina. It only took me a week and a half to drive the short distance to my local library; I get the feeling I’m already dragging my heels with it. A friend of mine has lent me The Horse Whisperer as well, and I was just thinking that maybe I should read that first as I don’t want to hold onto her copy for ages when I realised that I have started procrastinating about this book again. I procrastinate about everything so it’s not a surprise but I hadn’t realised that I had already lost my renewed determination for finishing this book. So I need to set myself a time limit. Looking through the book I think I need to start from about page 740, which means I have just over 200 hundred pages to go. It doesn’t sound like much but I think it will feel just as long as the first 700 pages. So to counteract my procrastinating I have promised myself that I won’t let this hang over me anymore and that by this time next I will have published my review. Hopefully I will succeed in this, my first challenge since returning to this book list. Wish me luck!

P.s. I promise to stop going on about this book as well (it’s part of the procrastinating)!


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