Two Words: Anna Karenina

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to say that it has been pretty much a year since I had a bit of a breakdown and ultimately stopped my reading challenge. I didn’t intentionally stop, I just couldn’t carry on and this was the case with many things in my life at the time. And even though this challenge really had nothing to do with how I was feeling then I still think of Anna Karenina as the book that broke me. I was approximately 800 pages in and I could see where the story was going and all of a sudden I couldn’t understand why I was doing it, why I was reading any of these books. Which was surprising to me after months of forcing myself to read On The Road and not giving up then that I would then give up with a much more interesting book.

As I have said, it’s now a year on and I have made a decision. Anna Karenina is waiting for me at my local library for me to collect so I am going to read it again. I’m not going to drive myself crazy by starting from the beginning though, I will try to start from where I left off. I’ve had the review sat in my drafts all this time and it will be a relief to finally publish.

So to Anna Karenina: I will prove that I am not so breakable after all.


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