Time flies when you’re (not) having fun

Hi everyone

This is beginning to feel like a monthly blog at best without the key ingredient of book reviews.  I’ve been very slack in the last few months, mainly due to loads of stuff going on outside of my book life but I have been reading as much as I can.  I’m two book reviews behind (still) and about 100 pages away from finishing Anna Karenina.  It is a very long book; there’s a story in there somewhere but it’s hard to keep going.  I’ll try to finish it this week as well as finishing off my reviews.  After that there is one of the other huge books to choose from which doesn’t really motivate me to finish AK.  I need to get over my little huge book hump then I might feel more inclined to read the rest of the book list.  One of my colleagues has taken it upon himself to try to be my book personal trainer as he can see I’m loosing motivation; I’m not sure his efforts are currently working but it’s nice when someone has faith that you can do it.  I think I need to start sitting myself some goals to achieve with some stricter time limits.  Here it goes:

Goal no 1: Finish and publish book review for God of Small Things (I’ve already written most of it! I’m so lazy, I swear)

Goal no 2: Start, finish and publish review for The Twits (it’s the shortest book on the challenge, how hard can it be to write a review?!)

Goal no 3: Finish last 100 pages of Anna Karenina (I’ve seen the film and know how it ends, does that count?)

Goal no 4: Choose my next book from the following:

                    Bleak House by Charles Dickens

                    Ulysses by James Joyce

                    The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

All goals to be completed by next Sunday.

This reads more like a homework diary now!  Can anyone recommend any of these three books for me to start next?  I need something a bit more thrilling to bring me out of my AK lull.  Which one would be best?  Let me know via the comments section.




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