The Race is On

Hi everyone

Sorry I have been a bit quiet lately, I’ve been trying my hardest to get through Anna Karenina before the cinema release this Friday.  I’ve read over 400 pages so far, which for a normal book would mean I’m almost done, but for this book it means that there is still over 550 pages to go.  I’m going to watch the film next Wednesday at my local cinema so I need to pick up the pace to finish the book in time.  I really don’t want to watch the film before I’ve finished the book as I think this would ruin both experiences for me.  I don’t know when however I’m going to find the time to read 550 pages of Russian literature in 8 days as I am also watching The Imposter, Untouchable and Brave at the cinema before then.  I’m also still behind on my reviews (The God of Small Things and The Twits) so I really need to finish writing them up.  I would like a new super power please: the ability to create more time.  Otherwise I might have to go without some (or quite a bit of) sleep.

Oh well, a miracle might occur and in 8 days time I will hopefully have finished the book and have posted two, if not three, reviews.  Wish me luck!



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