I’m a reading machine (well not quite yet but getting there)

Hi everyone

My reviews are backing up again as I have finished three books in the last week so I need to keep up the pace and get my reviews out as well.  The main reason I have picked up the pace on my reading this last week was that all three books were due back at the library so I had a deadline to meet.  I read The Twits yesterday in 30 minutes which must be a record, although it’s 100 pages of pictures with the odd word thrown in so I suppose it’s a relatively easy achievement.  I have one more book to go and then I will have read 20 books off the list, which makes me roughly 12 books behind my target for this point in my challenge of reading half of the list this year.  The next book I will be reading is Magician by Raymond E Feist which is 681 pages (eek!) and I will endeavour to finish it as quickly as possible.  I’m also trying to get hold of a copy of Anna Karenina.  It’s book 54 on the list but the film is due out next month so I’d prefer to read the book first if possible (it is 963 pages though).  I also have Gormenghast, Bleak House, Ulysses and The Woman in White to read next so lots of period books coming up.

I have been fretting that I’m not reading as much or as quickly as I usually do at the moment.  Last year I read nearly 30 books from the library, which isn’t a huge amount but considering I also watched 137 films at the cinema I think I managed pretty well.  I have cut the cinema back a bit this year to accommodate my reading challenge but I’ve still managed to watch 55 films so far so maybe that’s where I’m going wrong.  I need to put more effort into getting books read in a timely manner so that I might actually achieve my aim of 50 books off my list.  Either that or lower my expectations on what I am capable of reading this year.  I’ll see how I go with Magician I think then make a decision.

Watch this space for my upcoming reviews!



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