Wow, summer is here!

Hi everyone

This recent turn around in the British weather (just in time for the Olympics) has matched the recent turn around in the books I am currently reading.  After months of forcing myself to read a book I hated, I am now reading two books simultaneously that I am really enjoying.  The first is The God of Small Things which I was reluctant to pick up at first as after not getting on with the writing style of Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children I had hastily decided to tar all Indian authors with the same brush.  There are some slight similarities in the writing style of the two books, but these are very small similarities and while The God of Small Things still has a certain charm to it, the story flows in a way that Midnight’s Children failed to do.  The subject matter is quite heavy but the events of the book are given in a more matter-of-fact way that makes the atrocities easier to digest.  I am just over halfway through so I’ll hopefully review this book before the end of the month.

The second book is I Capture the Castle which I’m only a few chapters into but I am already enjoying.  It has a similar feel to it as Cold Comfort Farm but a bit less melodramatic and a bit more philosophical.  I need to make a bit more headway into this book as it is due back at the library soon.

I think an afternoon reading in the sunshine is required!



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