Guess what? I have finished “that hateful book”.

Hi everyone

I have FINALLY finished On The Road.  It has taken over 3 months which is a ridiculous amount of time for me to read a 300 page book but better late than never.  For the last 60-70 pages I was sincerely hoping that one of the characters would die just to liven it up a bit but sadly this didn’t happen.  As you can see by the title of this post, for the last month or so I could not bring myself to refer to this book by its name, instead only referring to it as “that hateful book”.  I found it was quite cathartic calling it that.  I have not enjoyed reading this book and I have no idea what I am going to say about it in my review.  I think I’ll get round it to when I can be bothered; I need a break from the text to protect my sanity.

To celebrate I am going to read Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson.  It’s due back at the library on Friday so I need to a rush job on it, but it’s only 187 pages so I should manage it.  After that I need to tackle one of my big fantasy books: Magician or Gormenghast.  I have never read either of them and don’t know which to pick up first.  Magician is first on my list so maybe that one (it would make sense).

Reviews to follow, I know they have been lacking of late!



One comment on “Guess what? I have finished “that hateful book”.

  1. Haha! I couldn’t think towards the end of that book. The way he writes gets to you.

    You will love Double Act. Just what you need to clear off any Kerouac residue. 🙂

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