Ta Da!

Hi everyone

My eye has finally healed (well almost, still slightly demonic looking) and I’m back to work tomorrow.  I’m actually quite pleased to be going back as it can be quite solitary when you can’t drive a car and see people, so at least at work I will have human contact.  I’m going to try reading a book as well, I think I can manage it, but unfortunately that means attempting to finish On The Road.  I now detest this book and I still have exactly 100 pages to go.  However, my reward for reading this book will be The Twits.  I think I deserve the shortest book on my list after trying to get through On The Road for over 3 months now.  Hopefully this will be the last hiccup in my quest to read all of these books although as I’ve said before this is probably wishful thinking.  I would like to have read and reviewed On The Road and The Twits by next weekend but I’ll have to see what I can manage.  I have two humongous fantasy books to read next: Gormenghast and Magician.  I might have to sandwich a book or two in between them so that I’m not all fantasied out.

Whilst I’ve been off I’ve tried something new: audiobooks.  I’ve never really listened to audiobooks before; I prefer to read books or listen to the radio (or sometimes both but it’s not always advisable).  I had the Harry Potter series read by Stephen Fry so I thought I would give them a go to alleviate the boredom.  At first I was itching to grab my copy of Philosopher’s Stone from my bookshelf as it was so frustrating listening to it and not reading it, I think mainly due to my reading pace being quicker than Stephen Fry voicing it.  But after a while I got used to it although I soon realised that as soon as my mind becomes distracted (facebook, new blog posts on my email) I don’t take in any of what is being said and might miss a few pages whilst looking at my phone.  So it was a case of only doing menial tasks such as housework whilst listening otherwise I would miss crucial stuff.  I don’t think I would become a fan of audiobooks, the Harry Potter ones are great as Stephen Fry is amazing but I think listening to someone else’s interpretation would bias my view of the text if I ever read it myself.  I think maybe they would be good for my friends who can’t concentrate long enough to read more than a few pages of a book, but then the same amount of concentration might be required to take in everything when listening as well so maybe not.  It definitely made washing up more enjoyable.

Here’s hoping that I FINALLY finish On The Road this week!



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