Guess what? I have finished “that hateful book”.

Hi everyone

I have FINALLY finished On The Road.  It has taken over 3 months which is a ridiculous amount of time for me to read a 300 page book but better late than never.  For the last 60-70 pages I was sincerely hoping that one of the characters would die just to liven it up a bit but sadly this didn’t happen.  As you can see by the title of this post, for the last month or so I could not bring myself to refer to this book by its name, instead only referring to it as “that hateful book”.  I found it was quite cathartic calling it that.  I have not enjoyed reading this book and I have no idea what I am going to say about it in my review.  I think I’ll get round it to when I can be bothered; I need a break from the text to protect my sanity.

To celebrate I am going to read Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson.  It’s due back at the library on Friday so I need to a rush job on it, but it’s only 187 pages so I should manage it.  After that I need to tackle one of my big fantasy books: Magician or Gormenghast.  I have never read either of them and don’t know which to pick up first.  Magician is first on my list so maybe that one (it would make sense).

Reviews to follow, I know they have been lacking of late!



Ta Da!

Hi everyone

My eye has finally healed (well almost, still slightly demonic looking) and I’m back to work tomorrow.  I’m actually quite pleased to be going back as it can be quite solitary when you can’t drive a car and see people, so at least at work I will have human contact.  I’m going to try reading a book as well, I think I can manage it, but unfortunately that means attempting to finish On The Road.  I now detest this book and I still have exactly 100 pages to go.  However, my reward for reading this book will be The Twits.  I think I deserve the shortest book on my list after trying to get through On The Road for over 3 months now.  Hopefully this will be the last hiccup in my quest to read all of these books although as I’ve said before this is probably wishful thinking.  I would like to have read and reviewed On The Road and The Twits by next weekend but I’ll have to see what I can manage.  I have two humongous fantasy books to read next: Gormenghast and Magician.  I might have to sandwich a book or two in between them so that I’m not all fantasied out.

Whilst I’ve been off I’ve tried something new: audiobooks.  I’ve never really listened to audiobooks before; I prefer to read books or listen to the radio (or sometimes both but it’s not always advisable).  I had the Harry Potter series read by Stephen Fry so I thought I would give them a go to alleviate the boredom.  At first I was itching to grab my copy of Philosopher’s Stone from my bookshelf as it was so frustrating listening to it and not reading it, I think mainly due to my reading pace being quicker than Stephen Fry voicing it.  But after a while I got used to it although I soon realised that as soon as my mind becomes distracted (facebook, new blog posts on my email) I don’t take in any of what is being said and might miss a few pages whilst looking at my phone.  So it was a case of only doing menial tasks such as housework whilst listening otherwise I would miss crucial stuff.  I don’t think I would become a fan of audiobooks, the Harry Potter ones are great as Stephen Fry is amazing but I think listening to someone else’s interpretation would bias my view of the text if I ever read it myself.  I think maybe they would be good for my friends who can’t concentrate long enough to read more than a few pages of a book, but then the same amount of concentration might be required to take in everything when listening as well so maybe not.  It definitely made washing up more enjoyable.

Here’s hoping that I FINALLY finish On The Road this week!


Is it really June already?

Hi everyone

How is everyone doing?  I’m getting there with my recovery after my eye operation but I still haven’t got back behind the wheel yet (probably best for everyone!) and more importantly I haven’t been able to read any more books yet either.  They are literally stacking up, this is my current list of books sat in front of me that need to be read a.s.a.p.:

On The Road by Jack Kerouac

Magician by Raymond E Feist

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake

The Twits by Roald Dahl

Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson

Once I’ve read these books I just need to read I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith and then I’ve hit a milestone: a fifth of the way through.  I really don’t want to finish reading On The Road, I’m not enjoying it.  But if I don’t finish it I will feel like I have given up on my whole challenge so basically I have no choice!  I’m just over halfway through with 145 pages of smallish print to go.  I have a feeling the library think I’m never going to return it as I took it out sometime near the beginning of March.  The fact that no one else has requested my copy of this book is a reflection of how enticing this book is.  It will definitely be a relief to finish it and get it out of the way.  Hopefully it will be the last book I encounter that I struggle to get through in my challenge.  This may be wishful thinking!

The rest of the books in the list above are a real mixed bag: two children’s books, two gigantic, well-known fantasy books and yet another book and author I have never heard of.  They should keep me going through June, and with the size of Gormenghast and Magician, maybe some of July as well.  Look out for my reviews over the coming month which should show my (or lack thereof) progress with all of these books.

Have a nice bank holiday weekend.