Feelings of abandonment?

Hi everyone

I had been a bad blogger lately; after getting three reviews out in quick succession I haven’t blogged anything else.  I did have a bit of a cold which is why you haven’t heard from me but I still feel I have abandoned you guys a bit.  I have one review to get out for Katherine by Anya Seton and I am doggedly trying to finish On The Road at the moment (I seriously dislike this book).  Unfortunately I won’t be able to blog again for a while as I am having an operation on my eyes on Friday so there will be no reading or writing for a few weeks.  I don’t know how I will survive: no TV (or DVD’s), computer, books or cinema for at least two weeks.  I’m sure I will go out of my mind.  So you will won’t hear from me again until June (if I survive) although I will try to get my Katherine review out today or tomorrow.

Hope you all have a good Jubilee bank holiday!



4 comments on “Feelings of abandonment?

  1. oh, heavens, this sounds positively awful! I hope it’s nothing too serious and I will pray for a speedy recovery. Hope you have someone reading your posts and books to you.

    • It’s not too bad, a couple of weeks and things should be a bit more normal for me. I can’t seem to put my iPhone down though, I’m sure it’s not doing me any good!

  2. I hope you get better soon!
    And about On the Road? Don’t worry. I went through the exact same thing. He had me in the beginning, and then it started to drag towards the middle and the words just went over my head. Towards the end, I had to force myself to finish. I read one page a day, I couldn’t take more than that. And after all that, I’d like to tell you that it was worth it in the end and that you should keep at it, but I’d be lying. If you really can’t seem to finish it, don’t bother. You aren’t missing much. :\

  3. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery. Maybe a box full of audio books from the local library might help.

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