Second Guessing and Niggling Doubts

Hi everyone

I used to always believe that I would read anything, that I had broad tastes when it came to literature.  Despite this, I only tended to read certain types of books; books which would loosely fit into the rom com or chic lit genre.  This wasn’t necessarily because this was all I liked but more because there is a huge abundance of this type of book so it is readily available and also very easy to read.  There are some excellent authors in this genre; Sophie Kinsella, Nicholas Sparks and Marian Keys being some of my favourites.  But I became bored with reading the same type of book over and over again.

The problem was I didn’t know how to step out of my comfort zone.  There are so many books out there, so many different authors and genres, I didn’t know where to start.  All my friends who did read also did not venture outside of the chic lit genre so I had no one to recommend a good book to me.  This is why I decided to find a book list so that I could challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone, to try something new, to broaden my horizons so to speak.  I picked the BBC’s Big Read Top 100 books because it had been voted by the British public rather than literary critics and was a good mix of all sorts of books.  As it was the top 100 books I was expecting every book to blow me away.  I am not so naive as to believe they would all be to my taste but as I believed I had broad tastes I didn’t expect to find any of the books difficult to read.  I thought after starving my brain for so long of good quality fiction I wouldn’t be able to stop myself when presented with these stories.  It has therefore been a bit of a shock when only thirteen and half books in I have had at least 3 books which have felt like torture to read and only maybe a couple of books which I would read again at some point.

I am too stubborn to give up on any book, or this challenge, so I will keep going.  Hopefully as I move up the list I will enjoy my reading material more (this is the glimmer of hope that keeps me going!).  If not I believe that my blog this year will a record of my slow demise into madness due to forcing myself to absorb material which is not compatible with my mind.

On that happy note, have a good day!



2 comments on “Second Guessing and Niggling Doubts

  1. There’s no shame in giving up on a book, the more I have read over the years the more I have come to realise that some books are so far out of my comfort zone that I do not enjoy them.

    Normally I give up because they are just bad books but sometimes it is because I am losing interest due to the subject matter. This was certainly the case with Catch-22 that, though well-written, just wasn’t for me.

    Good luck with your read though, I find it very admirable that you are trying to read stuff that you are not used to.

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