The master of avoidance

Hi everyone

I have been busy reading away and now have 3 reviews to do this weekend.  However I am digging my heels in when it comes to On The Road.  I can’t put my finger on it at the moment but something inside me is repelled by reading that book.  If I force myself to read it I end up not taking any of it in and getting very sleepy.  So far my strategy for dealing with On The Road has been to avoid it and read other books, a strategy which I have pulled off very successfully, hence the three books read in a week.  I am a glutton for punishment though so I will endeavour to finish it this weekend.  If I get it out of the way then I have lots of heavy (and by heavy I mean many pages) reading to look forward to!  As I said, glutton for punishment.

Have a good weekend



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