No offence to all you discworld wizards

Hi everyone

I’ve almost finished The Colour of Magic and to be honest I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.  I know the Discworld series, and Terry Pratchett books in general, have a massive cult following but I just can’t see the attraction.  I do have some more Terry Pratchett to read  further up the list (Mort, Good Omens, Guards! Guards!, Night Watch) so I am seriously hoping I enjoy those books more than this.  On a different note I’m quite excited about my next book.  Not only is it a real copy (brand new, not from the library), but it’s reputation precedes it.  I am of course talking about The Godfather.  I haven’t even seem the films so it should be a real treat.  It’s quite a big book but I like a challenge.

Again, not meaning to offend any Terry Pratchett fans, please don’t send any dragons from the Wyrmberg after me!



7 comments on “No offence to all you discworld wizards

  1. I know what you mean…I read Mort a couple of years ago, and felt the same. Pratchett isn’t a bad writer by any means, but I didn’t see what the big deal was, really…

  2. It depends on what floats your boat, so to speak. I read Pratchett as much for the wisdom and philosophy as for the wordplay and humor. I’d recommend Feet of Clay over Nightwatch, because Nightwatch really happens simultaneously with a different book, Thief of Time, which ought to be read first.

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  4. Honestly, to really get into Pratchett something like Guards, Guards is the place to start. If you don’t like that well then, you don’t like Terry Pratchett and that’s ok too. The Wee Free Men series is absolutely amazing but the Vimes and Death books are by far my favorite!

    Mort doesn’t give you an indepth look to Death as do the other Death books, although I enjoyed Mort I had already read all the others. One way or another I do hope you enjoy, they are fun, easy to read books with delicious humor!

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