A big sigh of relief

Hi everyone

I know I’ve been a bit lacking in the last few weeks but I plan to do better.  I’ve finally finished Midnight’s Children and have returned it (late) to the library.  I will get the review out tomorrow hopefully as I think it will take me a while.  My next book looks to be an easier read, it’s The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo, its only 161 pages long and I’m already 57 pages in as well.  On a slightly different (but related) note, I realised today that I have now borrowed 100 books since I joined my local library in June 2010.  I was quite impressed with myself until I realised that was over 18 months ago and I am trying to read 100 books in a year.  I think I need to start putting a bit more effort in, maybe less cinema and more books?  Or less sleep and more books?  I think it will have to be one or the other otherwise I will not succeed!  Review asap.



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