Rebel with a cause

Hi everyone

As appalled as I am with myself that I have had a book for 3 weeks and not finished it, I have now decided to push my moral boundaries as well by not returning Midnight’s Children to the library. They will penalise me for breaking the rules, which I hope with encourage me to finish the book as soon as possible, but I won’t let that deter me. I know that there are other people waiting to read this book, but they will have to wait for me to finish. My challenge (and what is left of my sanity) is more important! I will follow with a review once I have found my marbles (I think the book is rubbing off on me!).



One comment on “Rebel with a cause

  1. You are by no means the first to feel this way about Midnight’s Children. Reading it is like eating brussel sprouts. You feel it’s good for you and you should do it, but man is it a slog! Good luck.

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