Book Review: Girls in Love by Jacqueline Wilson

Book 98

Girls in love

Ellie, Magda and Nadine are determined to explore the, as yet uncharted, country of the boyfriend. When best friend Nadine gets a boyfriend, Ellie finds herself saying that she’s got one too. Trouble is, he’s the too young, too nerdy and too ugly boy who fell in love with her during her boring holiday in Wales. But when Nadine’s dishy boyfriend starts causing trouble we see just how important girlfriends are and just how lucky Ellie is to have found a boy who is really her friend.

I haven’t read a Jacqueline Wilson book since I was in primary school and I read The Story of Tracy Beaker (book 31 on the list).  This book was quite short, hence why I have read it in about 2 and a half hours.  It was easy to read and made me very nostalgic for when I was 13 and desperately wanted to be 16 so that I could get a proper boyfriend.  Jacqueline Wilson has definitely captured the essence of a teenage girl’s life and it was an enjoyable read, even at my age.

What I liked about this book: The main character, Ellie, is completely charming and probably represents what most women felt like when they were 13.  Her friends and her family are portrayed in a realistic light, even when shown through Ellie’s eyes.  The embarrassing situations aren’t over the top and the story flows nicely, touching on some serious subjects along the way.

What I didn’t like about this book: It’s too short, I felt it could have easily gone on for longer.  It’s the first book in a series, so the story does continue, and I know the book isn’t aimed at my age group, but even when I was 10 I think I would have felt short-changed with the amount of story I had to read.

Overall I would definitely recommend this to a niece to read, I couldn’t put it down myself.  Like all Jacqueline Wilson books it will draw the reader in and captivate them right to the end of the book.

4 Out of 5 stars


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